Interior Design

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Interior Design Process
In Home Consultation 
*This is where we can discuss your requirements & get an overall view of your home/room/rooms

Imagery Appraisal/Mood Boards (after the site visit)
*A story report with imagery; materials, colours & design ideas to create your dream.
Sampling is also thoughtfully gathered specifically for you to view & live with

After you have viewed the mood board, another consultation is followed up with you for any clarification 

Whether we do the whole dream, or room/rooms at a time, the quoting process will begin for item/items to be made to order and/or for any Interiors to be completed.

Then the exciting journey begins!

In House Consulations 

Colour & Wallpaper Schemes

Designer Furniture New Zealand Made to Order

Window Treatments

Restoration & Reupholstery

Lighting, Flooring, Art & Decor

Each Room is a chapter of Your Story. . .Creating Unique Interiors to Resonate with You. . .